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Red Meat Free – One Month On!

Hi everyone, I just wanted to give you a quick update on how I am getting along with going red meat free! So for an entire month, I haven’t touched red meat, and I must say that I haven’t really missed it much! However, I have experienced some drastic changes in my body and mind!

I have lost over 2 kgs in weight (5 lbs), have gone down 2 belt notches and feel much calmer and more peaceful than I have been doing for a while, meaning that I sleep better!

Have you tried going vegetarian? How are you getting along? I’d love to hear about your experience!

About Me

Going Meat Free in 3 Months!

Hi everyone, sorry for being away for so long and not posting anything, I upgraded my hosting and they lost everything… but then I managed to rescue my blog, so here I am!

First up, I have some news for you, which will affect what I post on here over the next 3+ months! As you will have seen from the title, I am going meat free in 3 months! I have gone red meat free for October (Stoptober!), will go chicken free in November, and fish free in December, i.e. full vegetarian! I am not sure about vegan, I love my eggs too much but let’s see how I get on!

Considering that I am lactose (and to an extent gluten) intolerant, I want to see how going without animal products affects my body and mood. This is as much an experiment for me as it is to share my life with my vegetarian and vegan friends! I currently only drink lactose-free milk and have gone dairy free before but never totally animal product free! If I feel good on a vegetarian diet and find good alternatives to egg then I will most certainly go vegan for a month!

Stay tuned for some funky recipes, as usual, a mix of mums cooking blended with healthier alternatives from modern cuisine, spiced up by me!! I am pretty excited about sharing my journey with you!